Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pre Planning pages

Got a brilliant idea but keep forgetting about what it was while planning? Look no further. Here is a chance to remember all those cute and wonderful ideas you were developing. I now have 2 kinds of preplanning pages to help you remember your ideas, or those wonderful activities you read about on all those fabulous blogs your reading. 

I do have to say that these were not my original idea. They were created for two very smart teachers, much smarter than I am. I usually forget everything I think of. Or have a million sticky notes all over my desk. So I will definitely be using these next year.

Planning Poppy
This template helps you to plan ahead by making general plans or notes, by subject. There are 3 fonts used. Cheri, Pea Shelley Belley Doodles and Pea Fruit Salad Doodles

What if you want something more specific? Take a look at
Pepper Planning
This template helps you to plan ahead by making general plans for each week in your quarter. There are 2 fonts used. Leftovers, and Pea Shelley Belley Doodles


  1. Great Ideas!!! This is what I need to help plan for next year. Thank you!!

  2. Love it! All of your plan templates look fabulous!

    3rd Grade Gridiron

  3. These are terrific! You are doing an awesome job!



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