Sunday, January 3, 2016

Bonus Day Sale

And on the last day before break is over I am putting the Ella Everything template for sale, both versions.
Ella Everything
For 24 hours only you can purchase this template for $7.20
For 24 hours only you can purchase this template for $9.00
Or as close to everything as I could get to. ;) I tried several new things with this template. This is a 2 or 3 page template meant to sit side by side or not, your choice. Instead of a portrait view I switched to a landscape, or horizontal view. Again the days are color coded for easy referencing between pages. It has a Math, Math stations, Content, Writing, Reading, LA/ and Lit stations section. The 3rd page is dedicated to Guided Reading groups. The font I used for this template is called Kranky and you can get it from
(Click on the images to make them larger.)
Todays featured card from Otherworldy Cards is...


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