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Monday, January 2, 2012

PDF Shop

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As many of you know, when you purchase a template from me, here on my blog, you will receive two versions of your new lesson plan template form. A PDF version that you can print up & write in & the Word editable version that you can type directly on to. 
The draw back is that you do have to wait for me to get on my MacBook and send out your template via e-mail. Why do I do it this way? Long story short, because my templates use non-standard fonts, I have to send you the font instructions and link. If you don't download and instal the font before opening the document, Word will completely change the formatting of the document and the template will go screwy.
The upside is that I am on my computer EVERY DAY and chances are you won't have to wait but a few hours for your new template.

However, I have had teachers express to me that they were thinking of purchasing one of my templates but were only interested in the PDF version of my templates? In this case I think I might have a solution for you, and you don't even have to wait. I have opened up shop on Teacher's Notebook, where I will offer the PDF versions of my templates at 1/2 price! Why half price? Because you will only get the PDF version you can print up and write onto.

Again I want to stress this is only for the TN shop and if you purchase from my TN shop you only receive the PDF, non editable, versions of my templates.
Click on the image blow to get there.

I will still offer all my templates on here, in both the PDF and Word (editable) versions. This will always be the first place I will post my pre-templates and the only place where I will accept custom orders.
I hope this helps to clarify any questions or concerns out there. If you are more confused than before, please leave a comment and I will get back to you as soon as I can.
Thanks for all your support.
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