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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pre Planning pages

Got a brilliant idea but keep forgetting about what it was while planning? Look no further. Here is a chance to remember all those cute and wonderful ideas you were developing. I now have 2 kinds of preplanning pages to help you remember your ideas, or those wonderful activities you read about on all those fabulous blogs your reading. 

I do have to say that these were not my original idea. They were created for two very smart teachers, much smarter than I am. I usually forget everything I think of. Or have a million sticky notes all over my desk. So I will definitely be using these next year.

Planning Poppy
This template helps you to plan ahead by making general plans or notes, by subject. There are 3 fonts used. Cheri, Pea Shelley Belley Doodles and Pea Fruit Salad Doodles

What if you want something more specific? Take a look at
Pepper Planning
This template helps you to plan ahead by making general plans for each week in your quarter. There are 2 fonts used. Leftovers, and Pea Shelley Belley Doodles

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mab Math

Was my other Math template just not right for your needs? That's OK because I've created a new one for you to try out. This one is called "Mab Math' and sections for your lesson, 2 groups during small group instruction and lines for the names of students or names of workstations that you will use that day.
Take a look...

Mab Math

Content Chole

I'm back with a new Lesson Plan Template. This time I've made a Content area template with sections for Science, Social studies and Character Development. So take a leap and test it out. Now is the perfect time to try it out. See if it is something you want to use next year. 
Here is a screen shot.

Content Chloe
To read more about it visit the Templates page.
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