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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The long awaited ELL plans: M's 1st Grade

Hi everyone,

I am back with a new set of plans. These plans have been long in the making, even though they have been created for some time now. These are MY lesson plans, specifically the plans I use with my 1st grade ELL students. You all requested them and I finally had a moment to make them generic enough for anyone to use. Keep in mind that I only see them for 1 hour each day and I have to fit in all 4 domains, Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. Therefore I can't squeeze everything every day. 

M's First Grade
This template is a one page week at a glace format. It includes areas for whole group instruction and independent practice, ie guided reading. It covers whole group and guided reading, writing and language arts. On the left hand side you will find a box for the weekly objectives, evaluations, ELL/ ESL strategies and a spot to jot down your small groups. The font used in this template is a clean and simple template called LD Elementary.

Want a closer look? Click on the images below.

Now I will leave you with the new additions to my favorite card shop Otherworldly Cards on Etsy. you have to seriously go look at the inside of these cards they are such a surprise.  :)

My Fav!

I'll be back in the next few days, I hope, to share my Kinder plans.
Until then enjoy!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

An update and more cards...

I received a request to share my own personal ELL lesson plans, so I am currently tweaking them, changing the font to a free font, and will post them for sale soon. There will be a plan for Kinder and one for First as well. Keep an eye open for those. Meanwhile, enjoy some pictures.

I get a kick out of posting these cards from Otherworldly Cards, on Etsy. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Please go take a look, they are going quickly. :)

Click on the card name to be redirected to the listing.

Hope your having a good week.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

It's back!

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to share that my form is back up and working now.

I also wanted to share that I am working on a new template. Something new, we shall see where I go with this one. So stay tuned.

Meanwhile, I'll leave you with some screen shots of some new cards up and ready for purchase over at Other Worldly Cards.

(You have got to see the inside of this card!)

Have a great day and come back soon.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

A new shop: Other Worldly Cards

Hi Everyone,

A friend of mine just started selling hand made, one of a kind cards on Etsy. So many of you are crafty or like crafty things so I wanted to share. Her shops name is Otherworldly Cards.

Here is my shop review...
"Intriguing, unique & colorful cards. Hand made w/ quality, 3D embellishments, paper & card stock. Built to last for all occasions. Will bring a little bit of enjoyment every time you look at them on your desk/table. They make wonderful additions to any gift."

Take a look...
(Click on the image to go to the card on Etsy.)
Click here to visit her Etsy shop.

Hope you go take a look around. As she says... "I love it when you visit. Thrilled, when you buy." Have a great weekend.

Some order info...

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to share that even though my ordering forms are down, you may still order pre-made and custom templates from my site. In place of the form I have entered instructions on how to do that.

The reason it goes down is because I am limited to the number of submissions I get a month. This is normally not a problem. But I have had several people submit 3 and 4 order forms per order, OR submit forms without payments. So my submission number has gone WAY up the past two months.

I ask please that when ordering you only submit your form once, then proceed to the PayPal button. If you have doubts about your form you can always add the names of the templates in the description box in PayPal. OR you can email me at, msk1ell(at)gmail(dot)com. Rest assured that if I get a payment without instructions I will contact you via email to find out what template you were interested in.

I also wanted to share that because of school starting up again, my current turn around for custom orders is 2 weeks. I hope to get back to a 1 week turn around soon, but you know how it is with a new crop of kids, and how time consuming everything is at the start of the new school year.

Again, please feel free to order or send me an email at msk1ell(at)gmail(dot)com if you have any questions regarding orders.

Thank you and have a great day!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Kris & Mel

This template was inspired by two lovely sisters, Kristen and Melissa. I was looking to create something like Kristen's template for my first few days back and Melissa's neon posts and decor made it all click together.

Kris and Mel
This template is a 1 page template for all subjects. There are no frills on this template, just simple and fast. It can be used for a Specialist, Resource teachers, RTI teachers, anyone really. It is even perfect for those paras you all have in your rooms, or even for subs. All you do is fill in the top box with a subject, group or time slot, then fill in the lesson, student activity and evaluation. Done! You also have a teacher reminder box on the left hand side, as well as a box for a schedule. I used another Kevin & Amanda font on this template, this one is a favorite of mine called Wish I Were Taller.

Saturday, March 24, 2012


When I posted Alec the other day I said I would be back with Erica, and here I am. This template was originally Is Everything Here, and is still for sale. However, many of you have expressed that you were interested in Erica Bohrer, of Erica Bohrer's First Grade blog, edited version. So I finally got the time to make it generic enough for everyone to use while still preserving what she created.

This template is a 2 page template made to sit side by side. It has sections for reading, word work and phonics, literacy centers, writing, DEAR time, math, read alouds and student jobs. I used a combination of 2 fonts on this template, the original Cheri and Pea Hollee.

(Click on the image to enlarge the preview.)
 For pricing, and font info please visit the Templates page, by clicking on the Template tab up above, and scroll all the way to the bottom.

Friday, March 23, 2012


I FINALLY have something new to share with you. I created this template for a preschool teacher but I have since edited it to be more generic and can be used for any k-5 class. I am calling it Alec. It has areas for Math, Writing and Reading, with areas for small group instruction and workstation/ centers as well. In addition to all that there is a Guided Reading area with enough room for 3 groups to meet daily, a materials section and a whole page dedicated to teacher information, like objectives, notes, theme and spelling/ high frequency/ vocabulary words. It has so much information it is a 4 page template! But don't take my word for it, take a look yourself.

Click on the image to enlarge the preview.

I realize that pg3 looks like it is a bit off, but it is not. For some reason my PDF image is a little wonky. However, I have printed the image and can assure you it prints up in the box.

For pricing, and font info please visit the Templates page, by clicking on the Template tab up above, and scroll all the way to the bottom.

I am considering offering the same template as a 3pg template but am not sure which 3 pages to offer. :/

I am also working on editing Erica Bohrer's template, previously Is Everything Here. It is my most popular template and there have been many inquiries as to how Erica edited it herself. Erica has given me permission to post her edited template, of my original, and once I get it generic enough I will post it on here for you all to purchase.

I have kind of been in an inspirational slump, but I hope to be coming out of it soon. I wonder... is there anything you all would like to see?

Monday, January 2, 2012

PDF Shop

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As many of you know, when you purchase a template from me, here on my blog, you will receive two versions of your new lesson plan template form. A PDF version that you can print up & write in & the Word editable version that you can type directly on to. 
The draw back is that you do have to wait for me to get on my MacBook and send out your template via e-mail. Why do I do it this way? Long story short, because my templates use non-standard fonts, I have to send you the font instructions and link. If you don't download and instal the font before opening the document, Word will completely change the formatting of the document and the template will go screwy.
The upside is that I am on my computer EVERY DAY and chances are you won't have to wait but a few hours for your new template.

However, I have had teachers express to me that they were thinking of purchasing one of my templates but were only interested in the PDF version of my templates? In this case I think I might have a solution for you, and you don't even have to wait. I have opened up shop on Teacher's Notebook, where I will offer the PDF versions of my templates at 1/2 price! Why half price? Because you will only get the PDF version you can print up and write onto.

Again I want to stress this is only for the TN shop and if you purchase from my TN shop you only receive the PDF, non editable, versions of my templates.
Click on the image blow to get there.

I will still offer all my templates on here, in both the PDF and Word (editable) versions. This will always be the first place I will post my pre-templates and the only place where I will accept custom orders.
I hope this helps to clarify any questions or concerns out there. If you are more confused than before, please leave a comment and I will get back to you as soon as I can.
Thanks for all your support.
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