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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Kris & Mel

This template was inspired by two lovely sisters, Kristen and Melissa. I was looking to create something like Kristen's template for my first few days back and Melissa's neon posts and decor made it all click together.

Kris and Mel
This template is a 1 page template for all subjects. There are no frills on this template, just simple and fast. It can be used for a Specialist, Resource teachers, RTI teachers, anyone really. It is even perfect for those paras you all have in your rooms, or even for subs. All you do is fill in the top box with a subject, group or time slot, then fill in the lesson, student activity and evaluation. Done! You also have a teacher reminder box on the left hand side, as well as a box for a schedule. I used another Kevin & Amanda font on this template, this one is a favorite of mine called Wish I Were Taller.


  1. I noticed the ordering form is closed today.... will it re open? There's a template I'd like to purchase : )

    1. Hi sorry for the inconvenience. I didn't notice the form had gone down. You can still order you just have to do it a little bit different. I posted the instructions on the side bar and on the ordering page. Again I am sorry for the inconvenience.



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