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Thursday, April 21, 2011

If all you need is Writing...

I've been thinking about what lesson plan templates to create next. I had hit a kind of a block. I think I was so absorbed in what my students and I were creating that I had not space in my brain to create anything else. Anyway, the other day as I was reading Abby from the Inspired Apple it hit me... I would make a Writing template. So below you will see a 1 page Writing template. I patterned it off of Lucy Calkins Units of Study but made it generic for everyone to use with any writing program. I think I will try out my new name system and call this one Wendy's Writing. What can I say I love alliteration.

Wendy's Writing
This template is a 1 page Mon-Friday template and has sections for your lesson, conferencing, and a check list for the choice of sharing you would like to do with your students. On the far right I have given you a miscellaneous column so that you may write anything you may think of during your writing time.
To read more about it please visit the templates page.

Ms. M


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